Prose Storming was an experiment in live broadcasting my writing sessions, and I've kept this particular broadcast for posterity as it provides an in-depth look at how I've used notebooks and free-writing as the base of my writing process.

About the Author

Andrew Richard Malcolm’s writing is inspired by the books, music and art he engages with, and the urban and wild landscapes he explores.

While Andrew was inspired first by the many regions of Western Canada he hitch-hiked, drove and ferried, North Vancouver Island deepened his engagement with art and landscape. He developed a hand for fiction and creative non-fiction while taking biology and writing courses at North Island College and Bamfield Marine Science Centre, and while blogging about skateboarding and canoeing on He published articles and photographs in magazines and newspapers on skateboarding, canoeing, palaeontology, silviculture and urban growth in small cities, wrote a newsletter for the Comox Valley Community Arts Council, and worked as a content editor for a web design company. Throughout his NorthWest Coast years and his first few years in Toronto he experimented with creative process by writing incessantly in notebook after notebook, ultimately developing a writing process that takes full advantage of the spontaneous and sometimes surprising passages that are born from pages of free-written prose. COAST is his first novel.

Andrew Malcolm's Work Portfolio